CTC Stakeholder Workshop Action Steps


Priority Actions for Industry

  • Companies that fund others to conduct engineering outreach should ask those organizations to use the CTC messages, and companies should try to align their own websites (including HR and recruiting) with the CTC messages;
  • Companies that work closely with professional societies and engineering schools should strongly encourage these groups to align with the CTC messages; and
  • Companies should help identify CEO engineers and other high-profile people to be spokespersons (e.g., in short web videos) for the CTC messages.

Priority Actions for Engineering Educators 

  • The Engineering Deans Institute should sponsor a workshop on how the messages can and are being used (our committee colleague Don Giddens has already secured a commitment from the American Society for Engineering Education to hold such a meeting in April 2011);
  • Engineering schools should promote the CTC website and messages, including through their students who do outreach to K-12 schools; and
  • The public policy committee of the Engineering Deans Council should conduct a survey of engineering schools regarding their capacity to grow their undergraduate student populations, and this information should be shared with industry and policymakers.

Priority Actions for Professional Engineering Societies

  • All societies should endorse a common memorandum of understanding regarding use of the CTC messages and work with their members to help them adopt the CTC messages;
  • National Engineers Week should sponsor a messaging-focused train-the-trainer effort during its 2012 event; and
  • Societies should provide more content to the CTC website (e.g., videos or written case studies illustrating use of the messages).

Priority Actions for Federal Agencies 

  • Agencies should use the CTC messages when revamping or promoting their public outreach programs (e.g., include the messages in high-profile speeches);
  • Agencies should create an incentive for recipients of federal support to incorporate CTC messaging in their work; and
  • Agencies should encourage Change the Equation to consider using the CTC messages in ways that support its mission of improving STEM education.