Sample Corporate Poster for Customization

Nathan  Kahl Posted on February 22, 2011 by Nathan Kahl

Attached to this page is an example of a poster that can be used by an organization to promote its own involvement in Changing the Conversation.  One of the features of this website is to provide tangible tools that various organizations can use to help with their own messaging efforts. This poster is customizable, allowing users to add their organization-specific information to a message-based designed document.

We really hope to get your feedback.  We would like to hear what you think about the overall concept, graphic design elements, the usefullness of the flexibility to put in your own content, etc.

The poster can be downloaded as a 17 x 11 inch pdf by the user and has a number of fields that are editable, as well as several that are fixed. 

 Fixed fields:

  1. Balloon graphics
  2. Engineers How Are You Changing the Conversation? text and CTC url
  3. National Academy of Engineering name and logo on bottom right
  4. Copyright info along bottom edge.

Editable fields:

  1. Choice of 1 of 4 CTC messages in message balloon at top
  2. Two-line headline under balloon
  3. Seven-line subhead under headline
  4. Two-line bolded text area under subhead
  5. Logo area on bottom left
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